As we move into the warmer months of spring around Frederick MD, it's important not to get too lax about our car care. Vehicle performance has been tied time and time again to how well we're able to maintain our them, so you should always be aware of how you're taking care of your vehicle.

Car maintenance goes above and beyond simply taking your car into tune-ups once every few months - it starts with you. If you're curious about what steps you can take to help your car stay as premium and valuable as possible, then look no further than this page.

Interior Maintenance

As it gets warmer out, one of the first things that'll get much easier to do is cleaning out the inside of your vehicle. As winter months pile on, spring cleaning gets something Chambersburg PA and Waynesboro PA residents seem to look forward to more and more.

Vehicles are no exception. April is the perfect time to take our underfoot mats, vacuum between seats, and wipe down dashboards. Our interiors can easily accumulate junk and trash, so make sure you tackle your interior this April.

Exterior Elimination

After a long winter of snow and ice, one thing that you're going to want to check is your vehicle's undercarriage. Months of driving over salt-covered roads around Martinsburg WV can do a lot to your subframe, so you'll want to check for rust spots and more beneath your vehicle.

If your vehicle's rust spots aren't too bad, then you can easily take care of things on your own with some sandpaper and bonding agents. However, if you're not confident in your own handiwork, then feel free to bring your vehicle here to our dealership's service center.

Give it a Once-Over

Finally, spring gives you the ability to give your vehicle a thorough once over. You can check fluid levels, perform oil changes, re-organize, and much more. Maybe now's the time to put in a new stereo interface. Whatever you decide, remember that the truly tough jobs can be handled by our trained professionals here at Fitzgerald Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Hagerstown.

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